SOTG Committee Recruiting

We’re recruiting volunteers to the UKU Spirit of the Game committee.  Please contact us if you would like to get involved:  Spirit of the Game is a defining feature of the sport, our community and the organisation.  This committee is important.


We originally set up the committee to formulate policies and a framework to promote and support continuous improvement of SOTG in the UK.  At this time, the committee’s role falls into two broad areas:

Ongoing responsibility to implement the UKU SOTG policy

Review and update the policy - e.g. determining whether to extend the policies to other areas of competition


So we have a need for people that are interested in the big-picture aspects of this topic; but we also need some people that enjoy the process of managing and organising people, processes and data.  All of our committees need one or two people that are good at coordinating discussions and project management.


There are currently 3 vacancies on the committee. For one of those positions we are looking for a volunteer to sit on both the SOTG committee and the University committee, providing a link between those two committee’s and with a focus on SOTG in the University competitions, the other two roles would not have a specific focus but all three positions would support the ongoing work of the committee in fulfilling its roles. 


Please complete this very short application form if you would like to join the team:  We’re aiming to appoint all the new members by the end of October however as these are not elected roles if we get suitable candidates apply we may opt to proceed in appointing them before the deadline has passed. So if you’re interested get in touch with us now!


If you have any questions please email