Sports Rewards For You & Your Community from Sporting Pro

The Sporting Promise is a project that UK Ultimate has been involved with now for a number of years. More information about the project can be found on the UKU website and the projects own dedicated  The project is really helping us to take Ultimate to schools all around the UK –

The programme is moving into a new phase, and we need your help to make it even bigger and more successful.  Please keep reading – we hope you will sign up.

Matalan have recently launched a new chain of sports shops called “Sporting Pro”.  There is an online shop, and currently 11 stores opened across England.

Sporting Pro plan to continue to support The Sporting Promise and have set up a new Sporting Pro rewards-card to do this.  They have committed to invest 1% of sales connected to the rewards card back to the Sporting Promise programme.

Right now Sporting Pro want to measure the number of card sign ups that can be generated by the 8 national governing bodies involved in the project. This is to help build a case for the idea to work in the long term.  So that is where we all come in.  We hope you will review the link and sign up to the card – its free.  There are additional incentives (discounts) tied to signing-up.

At certain times of year Sporting Pro will be offering Ultimate-specific offers to card-holders based on our advice – so if you want to make any suggestions please take a look at their range and let us know.

Please use the link provided as the URL is connected to UK Ultimate specifically. Please share this with all your friends and family and their friends and family.