Thank you Harvest London

Following the conclusion of our Reset the Stall campaign we want to say a special thank you to our new team of corporate sponsors and partners, which we are delighted to announce, includes Harvest London.

Harvest London is a vertical farming startup based in Leyton, supplying speciality produce all across London.  “Our vertical farms allow us to bring production closer to the point of consumption, going from harvest to delivery in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. Covid has shown us that we need a more sustainable food system and we’re working towards that!”

CEO, Chris Davies, first played Ultimate at the grassroots level in Manila, Philippines over 15 years ago, when he moved back to the UK he played briefly with Fire and then moved on to Tooting Tigers and had a couple of years with Clapham. He also played GB Men’s Beach.  “Having played in the Philippines and helped with the first generation of Ultimate players in the Philippines, I recognise the importance of the support structure that UK Ultimate brings to our game. Ultimate shaped a good decade of my life and I’m proud to be supporting UKU during this tough time.”

Thank you Harvest London!