UKU Beach Nationals - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Thank you to everyone that took part in Beach Nationals this weekend. We hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the event and played some good, competitive ultimate!


Huge congratulations to Mighty Hucks and Obnoxbridge for winning their respective divisions. 

Final standings for the event can be found below:

Open Division

1 Mighty Hucks

2 Burnt Out

3 Dragonstorm

4 Cows UTD

5 Smash'D

6 Flump

7 MUC Open

8 Leamington Lemmings

9 Jolly Rogers

10 Reading Open

11 Camden Open

12 Guildford Open

Mixed Division

1 Obnoxbridge

2 Purple Cobras


4 Iceni Mixed

5 Exe on the Beach

6 Reading Mixed

7 Cosmic Manatees

8 Thundering Herd

9 Guildford Mixed

10 Geometrically Frustrated Magnets

11 Camden Mixed

12 Horsham Ultimate

Congratulations to Jolly Rodgers for winning the Open SotG award. In the Mixed division Hex and Cosmi Manatees tied for the Mixed SOtG award. The full breakdown of Spirit of the Game scores and the results tables can be found here.

Please contact so that we can arrange the awards.


Any questions regarding Spirit of the Game? Please email


Also, lost property has now been posted on the Sunburn page here