UKU Board Appointments

We are pleased to announce the appointment of five UKU board members.  In addition to the three board members appointed following the elections held in March (see below), today we are also announcing the appointments of Fowzia Mahmood and Serena de Nahlik.

The recent UKU board elections resulted in the following people people being elected to the board for a 3 year period:

Chair: Graham Mynott

Director of Junior Ultimate: Joe Wyatt

Without Portfolio: Ed Lee

Thanks to both of the other candidates who stood for the without-portfolio position: Tom Howard and Dhiraj Mukherjee.  Further thanks are due Tom Howard for the time, effort and expertise he has given to UK Ultimate in his several years on the board, amongst several other volunteering roles he has done for the ultimate community.

There were no female candidates in this election, which risked that the board would continue to have just one female member (Georgie Davin).  Following discussions with the UKU Women’s committee, this issue is being addressed by directly recruiting and appointing at least 3 new female board members now.

Fowzia Mahmood and Serena de Nahlik are being appointed to the board with immediate effect.  Both Fowzia and Serena are already very active in various aspects of our community and are members of the UKU Women’s committee.  It is great news that both have agreed to join the board as well.

We are in ongoing discussions with other potential candidates and will appoint at least one more female board member within the coming weeks.  At that point the board will have a minimum of four female members out of a total of thirteen. Once the new appointed board members are in place, there will be a further review of the group’s size and term-lengths.  We will then take further steps to improve and then maintain female representation within the board and across other UKU committees.