UKU Board Election 2021 - Voting Open

Following our call for applications for the UKU board positions advertised on our website we're pleased to have had multiple applications for both the the University Ultimate Coordinator role and the two Without Portfolio positions. We will running elections for these roles and anyone who is a UKU member will be able to vote. 

We have also had an application for the Director of Safeguarding role, as this is the only application for this role we won't be running an election for this position at this time, and the UKU Board will discuss and agree a process for appointing to this position.




Voting will be open from Friday 14th May through to Friday 4th June. In order to vote you must be a member of UK Ultimate (please see further down for more info).


You can read about the candidates for the roles here. You can vote using this google form.


The Current UKU Board

We'd recommend to members voting to take a look at how the board works here:


And checking out information about who the current board members are:



Votes cast by none members will not be counted. You can check your membership by logging in to, going to my profile and clicking on membership. If you have current membership it will say active, if not it will give you the option to add membership to your account.