UKU Skills Clinics 2015

UK Ultimate is introducing a new series of skills-based training modules that are aimed at players whilst also adding to our Coach Education programme.  Please read on for more information.

The UKU Level 1 coaching course is one of the few places right now where people who don’t know a lot about the basics of the sport can come to learn how to improve as a player.  But the course is aimed at improving coaching ability, rather than playing ability.   If people want to get guidance or coaching as players, then they are dependent upon irregular coaching events that are occasionally run by local clubs.

Most people are probably aware of the Elite Skills Clinics that have been running in the UK since 2010.  So far, each has featured different content, and all have been held in the Midlands.  For 2015, the UKU is aiming to deliver a more repeatable set of skills-based training modules.  The idea is that they will provide specific information on various aspects of ultimate such as throwing, cutting or defence.  All sessions will be delivered by experienced coaches and/or current/former GB-level players.  The courses will be aimed at beginners / intermediate level players who want to get some guidance on how top teams train, what drills can be run to improve key aspects of their game, and get feedback on how  they play.  In 2015, it is our aim to run six one-day events across the country, where each day consists of two self-contained 3 hour lessons.  These lessons will have a consistent programme over the next few years, meaning that people can select exactly which event to attend based on the course contents and build up their knowledge base; and can be counted as optional modules worth three credits for participants working towards their UKU Level 2 coaching award.

For 2015, our draft plan is as follows and we will announce details as we finalise them. 

February: Defensive fundamentals & Handler resets (Indoor 3G)
April: Throwing fundamentals & Handler resets (Outdoor Grass)
June: Cutting fundamentals & Defensive fundamentals (Outdoor Grass)
August: Vertical stack & Horizontal stack (Outdoor Grass)
October: Throwing fundamentals & Vertical stack (Indoor 3G)
December: Cutting fundamentals & Horizontal stack (Indoor 3G)
Details will be announced through our Coaching Course Notifications newsletter; and we will also push the information out on facebook, twitter and the usual email groups. 

The annual Elite Skills Clinic will also run in September 2015, and will aim to introduce more advanced concepts, and aimed at intermediate/advanced level players.

If you have any questions, or if your club would like to offer to host such a clinic, please contact us.