UKU statement re Coronavirus (COVID-19) 5th March 2020

UK Ultimate’s response to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus will be led by government advice to the general public and to sports organisations where it applies to our circumstances.  The situation is changing rapidly, and we may be required to make last minute changes to our plans.

We will issue further updates as and when it is appropriate.  Please read on for the rest of the statement.


General Comments

Current advice is that “there is presently no rationale to close or cancel sporting events”, but we make the following comments:


UK Ultimate-specific comments

We note the following points that are more specific to UKU events:

  • Participants must respect that some people will prefer to avoid shaking-hands, high-5s, standing in a close huddle for a spirit circle or timeout.  
  • That said, players who decide to compete must accept that they will, at times, be in relatively close contact with opponents, especially their marker.  This is not avoidable.
  • Participants and attendees deciding to attend UKU events are expected to take responsibility for themselves - just like they do on the field.  Be self-sufficient: as individuals or perhaps as a team.
  • We are reviewing whether to put in place any steps to enable players to clean discs periodically.
  • You should expect that competition schedules will be finalised even later than usual so that we are better able to adapt to teams dropping out.
  • The detailed arrangements for our events vary. So for now at least, we will deal with the implications of any cancellations on a case-by-case basis.