UKU Tour & Nationals 2011 dates announcement

UKU Tour and National Championships dates in Mixed, Open and Women's divisions for 2011 have been finalised and can be seen below. 

Mixed Tour 2011:

MT1: 26-27 March

MT2: 16-17 April

MT3: 14-15 May

Mixed Nationals will continue to be one of these events in 2011.  Whilst the UKU Competition Committee recognises this is not universally popular, there are many constraints on dates, and we feel it remains the best compromise in the short term.  It will not be this way forever...


Open/Women's Tour 2011:

London Calling OWT1: 4-5 June (London, venue TBD)

OWT2: 25-26 June

OWT3: 9-10 July


UKU National Championships

Regionals: 23 July

Nationals: 20-21 August (Wide Lane, Southampton University)

It has been agreed that UKU Nationals will again act as the qualification round (so-called EUCR) for European Ultimate Championship Finals 2011 - that is the UK operates as a standalone region.


Anyone looking at the calendar from a specific point of view will find issues, problems and compromises - but overall, these were the compromises we felt needed to be made given the constraints that are outside UK Ultimate's control.