UKU Transgender Policy

UK Ultimate has adopted a new Transgender Policy effective immediately. The introduction to the policy is re-produced below and we urge all UKU members to read the full document as soon as possible. 


UK Ultimate (UKU) endorses the principle of equality of access to, and participation in, Ultimate in the UK, in line with the Equality Act 2010. The following three paragraphs are taken from “Providing Services to Transgender People - A Guide” produced by the Government Equalities Office supported by Gendered Intelligence.

“Although the words ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ both have the sense of ‘the state of being male or female’, they are typically used in different ways. ‘Sex’ tends to refer to biological differences, while ‘gender’ tends to refer to cultural or social ones. A trans person is someone who feels that the sex they were assigned at birth (male or female) does not match or sit easily with their sense of their own gender.

Trans people come from all walks of life and include those who may describe themselves as transsexual, transgender, a crossdresser (transvestite), non-binary and anyone else who may not conform to traditional gender roles. It includes those who have transitioned from male to female (transgender women) or from female to male (transgender men) as well as those who do not have a typically ‘male’ or ‘female’ gender identity (non-binary).

The term ‘assigned gender’ refers to the gender recorded at birth. Using these words recognises that trans people have had no say in their assigned gender, do not agree with it or do not regard it as a reflection of who they are. It’s important to try to avoid phrases such as ‘one of the men who uses our services is turning into a woman’ or ‘we have a female client who wants to be a man’ which imply the original assignment was correct. From the trans person’s point of view, it is only the outward expression of their gender that is changing, not who they are.”


UKU is committed to zero tolerance of discrimination based on gender expression or trans identity including gender reassignment(*) and resolves to tackle any incidences of transphobia in Ultimate.