The Ultimate Not A Tournament Party

All the friends you can't see at the moment at the same amazing virtual party. DJ Tom Styles hosting a great night of fun and music.


It's been a tough time - and such a quiet time for Ultimate. We miss you.  It's been so long since we saw each other. So long since those sideline chats with friends and team mates you always see at tournaments.

On Good Friday it's time to make a little space to get your home groove on, get the drinks and snacks in and spend a great evening filled with the folks who make our community so amazing.  Numbers are limited and you must register to get access.

The event is free to the Ultimate community and will be held online. You'll be sent a user specific Zoom link hours before doors open.


Tom Styles will be hosting a night of fun, music, and, if the mood takes you (which it should) a lot of dancing. There'll be guest appearances, a team quiz and a live mix with enough energy to wear out your living room floor.


Dress for a good time.


Numbers are limited and you must register to get access.