University Athlete Eligibility Check Requirements

For an athlete to be eligible to compete in official University tournaments, they must meet the criteria outlined in the UKU University Eligibility Rules. Checks may be carried out at any official University tournament to ensure that all athletes are eligible to play. The following outlines what is required of athletes at all official University events.


ELG1. To enable eligibility checks to be carried out, all athletes are required to;

1.1 Be rostered to the team that they are competing with on the UK Ultimate GoMembership portal, which was also entered into the relevant event on the system, prior to the competition taking place. 

1.2 Have their photo student ID card at the event.

1.2.1 Where a student ID card is present but does not include a photo of the individual, additional photo ID is required.

1.2.2 Where no student ID card can be provided for an Eligible Participant, alternative documentation clearly stating the individual’s acceptance to their current academic course and the start/end date(s) of the course, is required along with additional photo ID.

1.2.3 Where no student ID card can be provided for a Special Case for Participation, alternative documentation clearly outlining how the individual meets the eligibility criteria is required, along with additional photo ID.


ELG2. To ensure that there are no breaches of eligibility, all athletes are required to; 

2.1 Present their photo student ID card (or otherwise as per section 1.2) to the Tournament Director (TD) when requested.

2.1.1 When an athlete does not have their evidence available to present at the event as requested, they have up until midnight of the Tuesday after the event to send a scan through of the evidence to to prove their eligibility. Athletes are able to continue playing whilst evidence is waiting to be received, however if no such evidence is sent through by the deadline, or if the evidence is received but it proves a breach of eligibility, appropriate action will be taken. 

2.1.2 The TD may take a photograph of the individual to ensure that the evidence sent through via email is definitely for the athlete that was not able to present their evidence as requested at the event. If the athlete refuses to allow their photograph to be taken, appropriate action will be taken.