University GoMembership Website Guidance

With the university season on the horizon we wanted to share some information with university clubs about using the new website. We know this will be the first time lots of the university clubs have used it.

First up Membership. All existing membership accounts have been moved across from the old site into the new site, however the first time you go onto the new site you need reset your password to access it. You can read all about the change of websites here.


It’s also possible for club administrators to purchase membership on behalf of their members, this is perfect for clubs whose university or AU pay for the membership of their members. To do this the club administrator should sign in, go to club profiles, and then club members. From there they can Bulk Renew anyone who has had membership before (by selecting Bulk Renew from the drop down menu below Club Members). For anyone who hasn’t had membership before the club administrator can purchase membership for them be selecting their profile and clicking renew. You can then select the membership type you’d like to purchase for this individual.


It is also possible for club administrators to setup accounts for people who do not currently have them. These can be done individually (via club profiles,then club members and selecting add new member) or in bulk using data import (via the menu tile).


Entry for events that are not BUCS events will be taken via the GoMembership website. We have put together a full guide on entering events here.


NOTE - You need to be a Club Administrator to enter events and set up Teams. Existing club administrators can set up club members as club administrators by going to club profile, club members, then clicking on the member in question and selecting club role. From there you can click on update roles and select the roles you'd like to allocate to that member. 


Lastly rostering. For every UKU event (BUCS or not) we’ll be using the GoMembership website to monitor teams rosters. We’re suggesting to teams that they should have teams setup for their club in each division they’re competing in (i.e a club may have an open 1st team and 2nd team, a mixed 1st team and a womens 1st and second team for their club). Players should be added or removed from those teams depending on the event taking place. For example a club may enter 2 teams into UWIR with 8 players on each team, so there would be 8 players in each team on the website. Following that event the women’s 1st team may qualify for nationals where 3 of the second team players are added to the 1st team, on the website these players would be removed from the second team roster and added to the first team.


When rostering players it is important to make sure they have sufficient membership for that event, it is the clubs responsibility for checking this on the website, merely asking all players if they have membership is not enough. You can check the membership status of all members in the club by going on club profiles and then club members.


If there are any issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing and we can help you out. “We were having website issues” doesn’t carry much weight as an excuse if you didn’t let us know!