Update on UKU staffing Nov-Mar

The extension to the furlough scheme announced at the start of the month presented a number of different options to UK Ultimate in terms of managing the staffing time available to us. We have been operating with the majority of our staff on full time furlough since the start of April (see more info here). However, the November extension of the furlough scheme has allowed us to make some changes to the way we are operating. 

From the start of November the following staff have returned to work part-time on so-called flexible furlough. This means that UKU will pay the salary cost of staff for the hours worked and will receive government support for 80% of the “unworked” normal wage costs associated with those members of staff: 

  • Chris Bamford (UKU Administrator)
  • Meg Price (Events Coordinator)
  • Ruth Flight (GB Junior Programme Manager, part-time)

Additionally Simon Hill (CEO) will further reduce his hours and be placed onto flexible furlough. Laura Atkins will continue on the reduced hours she has been doing since April, again on flexible furlough.  Normally we also have Chesca Tyler Weddell leading our Coach Education, but Chesca is on maternity leave at the moment.

Although the number of staff working has increased there is not a dramatic increase in the amount of “capacity” in terms of the hours that will be worked by UKU staff, because we continue to take a cautious approach to our costs.  The government scheme is in place until 31st March.  We will review the situation throughout this period and may make some changes to the balance of these staffing arrangements as deemed necessary.

For now, most of the staff roles will look a little different to how they did this time last year, with some of the usual tasks being temporarily obsolete.  There is still a great deal to do however, and we expect the focus for all staff to be on continuing to support clubs and players through the ongoing challenges and uncertainty. 

Our board and staff also want to thank all Ultimate players in the UK for their support this year.  Whilst we have all missed Ultimate, our community have been brilliant, not only in the response to the Reset the Stall campaign but also in implementing and respecting the return to play guidance. The whole team is really looking forward to a time when we can all get back together to play Ultimate.