Volunteer as a Game Adviser at U23 Worlds

We are looking for volunteers to be Game Advisers at the World U23 Ultimate Championships this summer in London. The tournament will be between the 12th & 18th July.

WFDF is running Game Adviser training for those who wish to become Game Advisers and volunteer at U23 Worlds. This training will take place in Manchester on the 14th & 15th of March. Please read on for more information about this opportunity, including how to apply.

What is involved in the process? The process will start with the initial training in March, one or two opportunities at weekend events in the UK to practice, then the week long Championships in July. These commitments will not conflict with someone who is currently playing competitively. It would also be expected that additional time “studying/revising” documents, exchanging emails and other on-going development time will also be required ahead of Worlds.

The training weekend will be the 14th and 15th of March, in Manchester. If you are unavailable on that weekend please do not apply. Or contact directly to discuss.

The volunteer GA role at World U23 Ultimate Championships, including attending the training session in Manchester, is open to people from outside the U.K. - Unfortunately WFDF can not extend it's expenses to cover people travelling to the UK to take part, joining at this stage is would be at your own cost.

Ideally, those who apply might also consider their availability to volunteer at WUGC in the summer of 2016.


How to apply

Please send me an email to admin@ukultimate.com with the following information:

Subject: Game Adviser [first name, surname]



Contact Email:
Contact Number:
Overview of your experience with Ultimate:
anything related to the game - playing, coaching, etc.

Current and future playing expectation:
such as, do you play for a club? are you not playing any more? etc.

Please give me an insight of your knowledge of the WFDF rules and SOTG:

such as, I passed the WFDF advanced accreditation, I am my clubs Spirit Captain, etc.

Do you have any other officiating experiences:
such as a judge, adjudicator, referee, umpire etc in any sports. Do you think you think you would also be available for WUGC 2016? we recognise that it's a long way away, but just comment on it.


If you have questions you need to ask before you apply, please don’t hesitate to ask Liam Kelly about the process, or about being a Game Adviser, and he'll do his best to answer. Such as regarding the level of fitness. It isn't really the same as being able to play Ultimate as long as you are able to run around and such, I was able to Game Advise with a moderate knee injury. (Email: liam.kelly@ukultimate.com)

There isn't currently much information about the role of the GA available to direct people to, however here is a clip from WUCC I found of myself advising on a difficult call. The video is time stamped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXLZvb3kgeM#t=39m0s

We are also accepting (encouraging!) people from outside the U.K. to join. However, it is unlikely that WFDF will be able to offer support to those who would want to come at this time.