Vote for your player reps for the Game Advisor Committee


The UKU has created a committee to explore, and manage the application of Game Advisors to the Ultimate scene in the UK.  We are recruiting representatives for the Youth, University, Club and Elite Club communities.

For two roles - Elite club male & University - more than one person has stood for the role so we need a vote.  Anyone who is a UKU Member is eligible to vote.  Please vote in the form before Tuesday 27th August (immediately after Nationals).

There is more information about each candidate below.
For each candidate we asked them to provide a picture and answer two questions:

  • How do you stay aware of your community's views?
  • How will you feed back to them decisions from the committee? 

Elite Club (male) rep - Matt Bolton
Matt BoltonI am an avid user of ultimate social media including various facebook groups, reddit and twitter, which I can use to keep abreast of my community's opinions. 

I am also a part of a couple of discussion groups for UK ultimate 'media' - involving, among others, representatives from the UK top teams. It's this communication channel that I would look to use to disseminate committee decisions back to my community.



Elite Club (male) rep - Robbie Haines

Robbie Hainesr/UKUltimate on reddit is currently a great place to keep up to date on peoples views on issues such as SotG, but during EUC2019 the Ultimate Players in Europe Group on Facebook proved to be the best location to find out what people thought on the ongoing issues.

I think the best way is to keep a broad reach to start with - BritDisc, reddit, Facebook - and narrowing down to the most successful platforms can come over time if one or two are clearly the most efficient way(s) of reaching the entire community.




University rep - Archie Barnes
Archie BarnesAs a fresher to the game two years ago I hated the idea of self refereeing, but very quickly I have grown to enjoy self refereeing and the emphasis it places on fair play and measured discussion in the heat of competition.  I now absolutely love our self refereeing and wouldn’t want it any other way. I have been club spirit captain both last year and this year as well as university club captain last year, and club secretary this year. In these roles I stay abreast of my community’s views on how ultimate is played and play a big part in educating and upholding spirit of the game within our club. Furthermore, as part of multiple club teams I get to play with lots of different players and hear lots of views on how frisbee should be played and reffed (or not). 

For feeding back to the university Community, I would like to make regular posts to the regional Facebook groups to make people aware of any decisions we make as a group. I would also like to use the university presidents group to feedback directly to them and canvas their views as well as use them to disseminate information to their individual clubs.



University rep - Will Carter

Will CarterI plan to use the already existing university regional Facebook groups as the main channels to communicate with the university community. This will be a good place to start discussions with members of university club committees from all around the country, put out polls, and feedback the decisions made. On top of this, I plan to talk to clubs at tournaments and matches throughout the year to get their opinions on the issues that affect them and discuss with them what the committee is doing about them.



Youth Representative
The youth role remains vacant, so if you would like to stand for that role please contact the chair of the GA Committee, Oliver Browne, via