UKU Schools National Championship Series

"UKU Schools National Championship Series" is a competition series that brings together local, inter-schools competitions (and festivals!) running across the UK. Teams also have the opportunity to attend Finals day in June. Using an adapted version of the game to make it easier for schools to pick up and play, it will feature shorter games, smaller teams and flexibile pitch sizes!

The series aims to encourage and connect as many school-based Ultimate festivals and competitions as possible. Organisers can apply for free to join The Series. Following local sucess schools may wish to attend a 1-day National Schools Finals to compete and play against other schools from all over the country.

We are looking for schools, schools-games areas, or individuals to contact us to include their festival as part of the Series. Please contact us via email to inform us of any competitions or festivals you run: admin[at]

The Series is open to all UK-based secondary schools for players up to and including Year 11. There are no specific gender restrictions; and for the moment there is just one age-group.  

In our UKU-Schools-Championships-booklet you should find all the information that we think you need in order to get involved.  There is some general information; and some UKU Schools Series-specific information. The booklet contains the following sections:

  • “Running an Ultimate Festival”: ideas on running an ultimate festival – and is not specific to the UKU Schools Championships Series.
  • “10 Simple Rules of Ultimate”: outlines the key rules quickly and simply.
  • “Ball-timate”: a great way to introduce ultimate to a group of beginners – use a ball instead of a disc!
  • “Guidance for schools on self-refereeing and Spirit of the Game”.  Chances are that one of the reasons you are interested in Ultimate is because the sport is self-officiated and because there is such a strong emphasis on the Spirit of the Game.  We hope this will help you meet the challenge of handling a self-officated sport being played by players that are still learning the rules.
  • “Schools National Championships Series 2012 – Rules”:  specific details on the rules that we want festivals to use; and some additional information about exceptional situations for qualifying for the National Finals.
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