Four Regional Coordinators

The following four regions each has a representative on the committee:


The North

The East

The West


Regional Coordinators perform the same role across the country as follows:

The Regional Coordinator is responsible for passing news/developments/decisions to their region's University clubs.

He/She is also responsible for gathering information from the region's clubs to help the committee make informed decisions on University Ultimate.

The Regional Coordinator is responsible for promoting Ultimate and encouraging development in the area, this involves:

  • Getting bids for major events from local teams
  • Encouraging and assisting Universities running "fun" tournaments
  • Organising and selecting bids for Regional qualifiers
  • Assisting any developing clubs within their region
  • Leading a group of volunteers in running a regional league (where appropriate)

The Regional Coordinator should also act as a secondary point of contact after the University Coordinator, dealing with matters relevant to their region.