Volunteer Manchester - Level One Course


This is a registration form for the Level One in Manchester - starting on the 7th of March.

This is also a volunteer registration form for anyone living in, or around, Greater Manchester and would like to volunteer in some of the development projects happening in Manchester.

Volunteer Manchester scheme aims to work with the volunteer workforce in Manchester, to deliver on development projects. As a reward for spending time helping, UK Ultimate is aiming to set up a reward system whereby volunteers will be given training, opportunities, funding and/or experience in exchange for their time.

The first focus of the development team is going to be running two ultimate clubs, based at two different schools in Greater Manchester. These clubs are being funded by the Matalan Sporting Promise (MSP), which receives direct funding and support from Sport England.

In the first instance, please fill out this form to be eligible for the reduced price of the Level One coaching course happening in Manchester over the month of March, if you are interested in a reduced fee in exchange for helping with the MSP project.

If you are later unable to commit to the amount of time that qualifies you for the volunteer rate, you will be asked to make pay the difference in price. The list price for the course is £85 per person. The volunteer rate will be £25 in exchange for time supporting the Matalan Sporting Promise.

The estimated commitment to the clubs is to attend ten of the twenty five sessions. Starting in April and finishing in September. this is subject to some minor change.

Other projects, with volunteer opportunities, will also be happening this year. Those projects will also qualify as an exchange of your time, in the same way.

Other training opportunities will also be happening later in the year.


The University of Manchester is helping to fund the Level One course. It works out that individuals will need to contribute the following:

£25 for first and second year students - with no commitment to Volunteer Manchester for time

£40 for third year students - with no commitment to Volunteer Manchester for time

£25 for third year students - with a reduced* commitment to Volunteer Mancheter for time

*reduced from ten hours, to an estimated five

Payment Option

please select your payment option.
Read all the terms and conditions for each. If you are unable to fulfill the hours in exchange for the fee reduction, you will be asked to repay some or all of the cost.

Contact Details
Invoice Information

Information about how to make your payment for the course will be sent to you once the form has been submitted. If you would like an invoice to be sent to you, please let us know by ticking the box. If you are paying indirectly as part of a group, or something else arranged please explain the arrangements in the text area at the bottom of the form. For example: if you are a teacher and your school is paying, or you are a university student at your AU/SU is paying. Please provide all the relevant information we will need to follow up the payment.