WCBU Kit Ordering Information

You should have received the following information by email, but we have seen some spam-filtering problems, so we have put the information online here too.  The ordering deadline is THURSDAY 4th DECEMBER.

Please note that further to the credit card problems some GB players experienced in 2013, JUMP+REACH / GAIA Europe implemented a complete overhaul of its payment system.  Credit card details are NOT sent to, NOR stored by, JUMP+REACH / GAIA Europe.  The four GB Junior squads competing in 2014 used the ordering process outlined below with no reported credit card problems.

GB teams competing at WCBU 2015 will be using the same designs that we had for GB teams in 2013-14 – with the updated event name and date on the sleeve of course.  If you have the minimum required uniform (red jersey, white jersey and blue shorts) you are able to re-use that kit if you prefer in order to save money.  You MUST email Ian Vidgen [gb.admin@ukultimate.com] and your team captain to confirm your number so that we can look out for duplicates in each team.  Checking for duplicates is the responsibility of the teams, but we will try to help.  We do expect that the other GB teams competing in 2015-16 will have a new design for the base kit.



You may have done this in 2013-14 and so provided it is based on the same email address as we have for this year, then you should be able to login immediately (i.e. there is no need to register again).   Your status will switch to "GB National Team" automatically with your first login (ignore the first two sentences of STEP 2) and you can immediately place your order following the steps below.

- OR -

Register as a CUSTOMER in the JUMP+REACH / GAIA Europe Online Shop
Ignore the questions about Company Name and VAT ID.

The GAIA system will switch your status to "GB National Team" automatically *when you next login* provided you have used the same email address as the one that we have uploaded to their site.  To move on with your order immediately, simply log off and log in again and your status is switched.  If you do not see the GB National Team options or your customer group (top right corner of the JUMP+REACH / GAIA Europe Online Shop) still shows "Customer" or "GAIA Europe Membership" instead of "GB National Team" then the most likely source of the problem is that you have registered with a different email address to the one which was uploaded to the GAIA server.  Please email Ian Vidgen gb.admin@ukultimate.com

To place your order, please follow these steps:

1. Login here with the account you have set up recently: www.JUMP-and-REACH.com/login2.php?language=en

2. Select "GAIA Kit GB WCBU 2015" in the Categories menu on the left side

  • If you cannot see that option immediately contact Ian Vidgen to check if you’re registered with the right email address.

3. Click on the item of choice to see all the details -> please *carefully* read the "ORDERING NOTES"

4. Select the respective order details (scroll down in case you don't see them):

  • Player Number
  • Size
  • Event
  • Team

5. Click on "In Cart" to put it in your shopping cart

6. In case you want to order some additional items, simply do the above again till you are done, always start with clicking on "GAIA Kit GB WCBU 2015" in the Categories menu on the left side.

7. When you are done, click on "Checkout" and follow the online order form

  • "Shipping with present uCustomize Team Apparel Order" is the only available delivery option, no need to click anything. Your kit then will be shipped with the other kits of your team members in one big box to your team captain / kit responsible.
  • "Credit Card VR-Pay virtuell Payment" is the only available method of payment, no need to click anything. Your CC details will be asked for in a later step.

8. Ensure you finally click "Confirm Order" to place your order.  Enter your credit card details now to complete your order.

  • You will be forwarded to a new and external site of a credit card processing company to enter your CC details. This is the most up-to-date and most secure way to handle your CC payment.
  • In case your credit card details did not go through you have to place the order again (even though you may have received an order confirmation email).

9. Please carefully check that your order went through and is correct:

  • You *always* receive a confirmation email to the given email address within the next 1-15 minutes (also check your spam folder)
  • Please *carefully check your order* to make sure everything is filled out correctly. Typical errors in the past have been: one part of the order completely misses the player number or the size, one part ordered to the wrong team/event, mix up of Men's and Women's sizes, some parts ordered with a different player number, etc.  Please let GAIA know within 24 hours in case something needs to be changed.
  • In case you did not receive a confirmation email, log in to your account again and click on "Account" (top left menu bar) to see your order history. If there is no order history then please place your order again.


*** Please remember the following ***
•    You need the correct email address in order to be able place your order.  If you don't know what that is check with your team captain/coach/manager to find out what email address they provided to Ian Vidgen (GB Administrator)

•    If you are having a problem logging in using a gmail address, please try the alternative @googlemail.com version in case that is the version registered on the server.
•    You can only order one base kit per player.
•    You need your player number in order to be able place your number.  If you don't know what that is check with your team captain/coach/manager.
•    Delivery will be done for the whole team - free of charge.
•    Please check your spam filters if you aren't getting emails from GAIA.
•    In case of ordering problems you can contact GAIA by email: service@JUMP-and-REACH.com
•    Orders to be completed by Thursday 4th December 2014 please