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UKU/BUCS/SSS University Women's Indoor Regionals - Results

Congratulations to all those who competed this past weekend in BUCS Women's Indoor Regionals, and in particular to Glasgow for winning the Scottish Student Sport Championships (which doubles as their BUCS qualifier) and taking home the shiny medals. Home advantage seemed to do them no harm, and will be on their side again when we get to UK Nationals in the new year.

UKU University Mixed Indoor Nationals - Info Packs and Schedules #UXIN

We are pleased to announce the Info Packs and Schedules for this weekend's UXIN tournaments in Coventry and Cardiff.

The schedules are now confirmed (insofar as such things ever can be - we cannot of course control dropouts or guarantee there are no errors, but we will now make sure that everyone's start time does not go any earlier than shown).

UKU/BUCS University Women's Indoor Regionals - Confirmed Schedules #UWIR

We are pleased to confirm the schedules for this weekend's UWIR events. As usual, apologies for the lateness of these - amazingly, we've seen no dropouts yet, so perhaps we could have released these earlier. Sorry!

Thanks to all those who took the time to look for any errors in the draft schedules.


UKU Club Open Indoor Regionals (Coventry) - Closing Date Imminent #UKUCOIR

Thanks to all who have so far entered COIR Coventry, to be played at the Alan Higgs Centre on 5/6 December.

UKU recruiting Administrator

With the ongoing growth of UK Ultimate’s programmes, the board has decided to hire an administrator to help improve efficiency of interactions with members and external partners.  Please see this job description for more details about the role and the application process.

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UKU/BUCS University Women's Indoor Regionals - Confirmation of Entries

We are pleased to confirm the entries for our Uni Women's Indoor Regionals, to be played at various locations across the country on the 21/22 November 2015. It's a rather impressive 20 percent increase on those who attended last year!

All these teams have secured a spot in the tournament.

UKU Junior Women's Indoor Nationals #JWIN - Schedule now available

We're pleased to now release this weekend's schedule, and we very much look forward to seeing you in Kettering tomorrow!

You'll find the schedule here: