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GB Mixed Masters 2019-20 Player Applications

We are pleased to announce applications for the GB Mixed Masters team for 2019 are now open.

Applications are open to all women born in or before 1989 and all men born in or before 1986. If you are eligible to play mixed masters at Worlds but not Euros we still want to hear from you!

Application deadline is December 16.


Trial 1: January 12, Coventry @ 12.30pm-4.30pm

Trial 2: February 2, London @ 4pm-8pm 

GB Men's Masters 2019-20 Player Applications

We are pleased to announce that applications for the GB Masters Mens team for 2019 are now open. Application deadline is Wednesday 28th November 2018.


Applications for the GB Men's Masters team are open to anyone who is eligible for the masters age group for either the 2019 or 2020 tournaments. You have to be 33 or over in the year of the competition.

The GB Men's Masters team for the 2019 (EUC) and 2020 (WUC) will be managed by Matthew Beavan, John Howell and Nick Sampson. The location and dates for these tournaments are yet to be announced.

GB Women's Masters 2019-20 Player Applications

We are pleased to announce that applications for the GB Masters Womens team for 2019 are now open.

Application deadline is Friday 23rd November 2018

Trial 1 date is 15th December (1-5pm)

Trial 2 date is January 19th or 20th (TBC)

Where possible, we would like all applicants to attend Trial 1. If you are unable to attend, please explain this in the additional information on the application form.

Applications are open to any women born in or before 1989. 

GB U24 Women Player Applications

We are pleased to announce that applications for the u24 Women's team for 2019 are now open.  

Application deadline is midnight November 30th.  Please make your application here.

 Trial date: December 8/9th.  

We are looking to build a team that can be competitive at the World Championships taking place in Germany, July 13th to 20th 2019. As a leadership group, our 3 key principles for building the team are:

 - Player Development

 - Positive Team Experience

 - Peak Performance

Our full vision for the team, along with an outline of our trial process and season plan, can be found here.  Please read on for more details.

Competition Review Update & 2019 Dates

Thanks for all the input we have received regarding the club competition structure.  This process is and will remain ongoing.  In the meantime we clearly need to publish dates and locations for the 2019 season so that teams and players can plan their year.  Please see below.  


There is a little more detail below, but very briefly:

  • We will retain a split season for the time being, with mixed being played first in 2019.  
  • Regionals-Nationals will stay at the same point in the calendar in 2019, and will feature North and South Regionals in all three divisions.
  • We will retain an official UKU National Rankings list.  The scoring system will be updated - in particular to make sure that it copes better with teams competing at different events of varying strength at the same time.
    • Regionals & Nationals will both also become ranking events - i.e. teams will score ranking points based on their results at Regionals and Nationals. 
    • The rankings will be used as part of the entry criteria to some “Tier One” events, and will be used as the basis for seeding at most ranking events. 
  • We are going to continue the move to “break up” some of the larger Tour events with a view to providing and encouraging more smaller, “local” events.  To do this we are defining two “tiers” of ranking events.
    • The “tier” does NOT correspond directly to the competitive level of the teams, and it is intended that when there are no “Tier One” tournaments, that the strongest teams will choose to attend “Tier Two” tournament(s).
  • It is not a UKU goal to directly organise all events; it is our preference to have more events being run by local clubs with, or without, UKU support.

Provisional Calendar & Events Plan 2019


You may be aware that an update to the UK Ultimate website and membership system is underway, and we are moving the data management and payment processing aspects of the website to a new commercial NGB membership management system called GoMembership.  

Please do not create a new account if you already had one on the old system.  Your details have been migrated.

EUCF 2019 Date and Location Announcement

EUF announced yesterday that EUCF 2019 will take place in Caorle (Italy) on September 27th-29th.


For more information you can read the full press release here.

UKU Junior Women's Indoor Nationals 2018-2019 - Final Results & Spirit

Thank you to all the players, teachers, parents and volunteers who made Junior Women's Indoor Nationals a huge success on Sunday! With 19 teams competing across 3 divisions, spectators were treated to some very exciting and well spirited Ultimate!