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GB Youth Squads Player Applications 2019

We are pleased to announce trials for the GB Youth Squads in 2019.


To be eligible for U17’s players must be born in or after 2003. To be eligible for U20’s players must be born in or after 2000. All players must be 12 or older, and in Year 8 or above, on 1st January 2019. The deadline for applications for ALL FOUR SQUADS is Saturday 12th January.  Applications received after this deadline will NOT be guaranteed attendance at trials, so please do not miss this deadline!!

Competition Structure Update - Interested in bidding to run one of the UKU Ranking events?

Following the announcement regarding the changes to the Competition Structure and the provisional event calendar for 2019, we are pleased to confirm that the bid process for those that want to organise and run any of the UKU Ranking events is now finalised!


Further details on how to submit your bid and what you need to do, as well as the list of events that are now open for bids, can be found HERE. Please make sure that you give it a read if you’re interested as it includes important information about the process. 


We have moved to a new commercial NGB membership management system called GoMembership.  Please do not create a new account if you already had one on the old system.  Your details have been migrated to the new system but you will need to reset your password. More information...

GB Mixed Masters 2019-20 Player Applications

We are pleased to announce applications for the GB Mixed Masters team for 2019 are now open.

Applications are open to all women born in or before 1989 and all men born in or before 1986. If you are eligible to play mixed masters at Worlds but not Euros we still want to hear from you!

Application deadline is December 16.


Trial 1: January 12, Coventry @ 12.30pm-4.30pm

Trial 2: February 2, London @ 4pm-8pm 

Competition Review Update & 2019 Dates

Thanks for all the input we have received regarding the club competition structure.  This process is and will remain ongoing.  In the meantime we clearly need to publish dates and locations for the 2019 season so that teams and players can plan their year.  Please see below.  


There is a little more detail below, but very briefly:

  • We will retain a split season for the time being, with mixed being played first in 2019.  
  • Regionals-Nationals will stay at the same point in the calendar in 2019, and will feature North and South Regionals in all three divisions.
  • We will retain an official UKU National Rankings list.  The scoring system will be updated - in particular to make sure that it copes better with teams competing at different events of varying strength at the same time.
    • Regionals & Nationals will both also become ranking events - i.e. teams will score ranking points based on their results at Regionals and Nationals. 
    • The rankings will be used as part of the entry criteria to some “Tier One” events, and will be used as the basis for seeding at most ranking events. 
  • We are going to continue the move to “break up” some of the larger Tour events with a view to providing and encouraging more smaller, “local” events.  To do this we are defining two “tiers” of ranking events.
    • The “tier” does NOT correspond directly to the competitive level of the teams, and it is intended that when there are no “Tier One” tournaments, that the strongest teams will choose to attend “Tier Two” tournament(s).
  • It is not a UKU goal to directly organise all events; it is our preference to have more events being run by local clubs with, or without, UKU support.

Provisional Calendar & Events Plan 2019

U14 & U17 Open Indoor Nationals 2018-2019 - Entries Close In 1 Week!

We would like to remind all interested Junior and School teams that entries for Under-14 and Under-17 Open Indoor Nationals close on Tuesday 18th December (just one week away!). We note that a few of our regulars are still absent from our list of sign-ups!

ScCOIQ & ScCWIN - IMPORTANT UPDATE (Venue Cancellation)

Unfortunately, we have just received confirmation from Ravenscraig that they are no longer able to host our Club Open Indoor Qualifier & Scottish Club Women's Indoor Nationals event on 19th January due to a last minute agreement for the pitch to be relaid in the hall. As a result of the vast cost of the refurbishment and a very limited period in which the work can be done, regrettably there is no way for this to be avoided.


We are currently in the process of trying to find another venue that might be able to host the event, albeit on a different weekend, so please keep an eye out for an email from us with further details about the situation. If you no longer wish to attend the event, with the knowledge that it will no longer be in Ravenscraig and most likely not on 19th January, please email ASAP and we will process a refund for you. 


We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Club Women’s Indoor Nationals 2019 - Entries Open!

Entries are now OPEN for Club Women's Indoor Nationals being held at Cranford Superdome, alongside the Club Open Indoor Nationals event, on 16th-17th February 2019. There will be at least 20 spots available.

The entry deadline is Friday 4th January. Please use the new GoMembership website to enter the event HERE. If you are unsure on how it works, please use the guidelines below to help.