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Announcing request for GB Squad managers EUC 2019 and WUGC 2020

WFDF recently announced the 2019 European Ultimate Championships to be held in Hungary, Goyr June 29th-July 6th 2019 and the 2020 World Ultimate and Guts Championship to be held in Leeuwarden, Netherlands 11th July to 18th July 2020.

Further to our announcement on 9th July 2018 about GB squads 2019-20, we invite applications from individuals or small groups* that would like to put themselves forwards to manage one of the GB teams through the two cycle of attending EUC 2019 and WUGC 2020.  (*) Groups should have an identified lead individual.

UKU Club Competition Structure Review - 2019 Onwards

Are you a relatively new Ultimate player? Or have you been playing Ultimate for years? Do you ever have questions about certain aspects of our competition structure or why things are organised the way they are? If you answered yes to any of those questions then we want to hear from you!


GB Committee Announcement

This announcement relates to some immediate changes to the way we organise GB squads, noting that we expect this to be a starting point for ongoing improvements. Please see the full article for more details on the following:

  1. We are re-organising the GB Oversight Committee by both adding some roles, and making the roles of the existing group more specific.  The committee will be renamed to GB Committee.
  2. We are setting up a larger team of volunteers to help coordinate the activities that are needed to help run all the squads: e.g. coordinating the medical team, dealing with kit, etc.
  3. Process for appointing squad leaders 2019-20
  4. Timescales for squad applications and appointments

For context, we remind members that in busy years such as 2019 or 2020, there may be as many as 20 different Great Britain teams representing us at various WFDF/EUF events across different divisions, age-groups and surfaces.


You may be aware that an update to the UK Ultimate website and membership system is underway, and we are moving the data management and payment processing aspects of the website to a new commercial NGB membership management system called GoMembership.  

Please do not create a new account if you already had one on the old system.  Your details have been migrated.

UKU Nationals 2018 (EUCR-W) - DRAFT Schedule & NEW Event Website

For UKU Nationals 2018, we are trialing our NEW event website where you will find all of the information that you need for the tournament, including the schedule, pitch map and venue information. Our aim is to replace the old info pack with these new, mini event websites which we hope to be easier to navigate and more mobile-friendly.



UKU Nationals 2018 (EUCR-W) & Competition Structure Review

Did you qualify for EUCR-W 2018 (UKU Nationals)? If so, don't forget that entries close this Sunday


Please make sure that you enter using the new event entry process at If you're having any problems send an email to as soon as you can so that we can help solve any issues before the deadline. 


Also, if you haven't seen it already, make sure that you check out our UKU Club Competition Structure Review for 2019 onwards! 

GB Beach squad managers 2019 application deadline extended

Following our call for GB Beach squad managers in 2019 the GB Committee have received no applications to run certain squads (Women's, Mixed Masters, Grand Master Women's and Grand Master Mixed). Consequently we are extending the deadline for applications for those squads (Women's, Mixed Masters, Grand Master Women's and Grand Master Mixed) ONLY until Wednesday 15th August. All other squads are now closed for squad manager applications.