UKU Event Communication Protocol

As we saw at Mixed Tour 1 2015, there are some difficulties in disseminating information during a tournament. At that particular event, when the weather deteriorated on Sunday, teams were unsure of the official position - were games cancelled? Did teams forfeit, or did they draw, if they chose not to play? Was there a safety issue or not?

Mixed Tour 2 - Draft Seeding and IMPORTANT INFO

First, the important bit we want you to start thinking about now. We've found parking a mile away from the venue, as there is very little available on site. We'll be running a shuttle bus service (2 minibuses running on a 10-minute-max round trip, so a bus every 5 mins or so).

UKU Mixed Tour 3 - Entries now open

The Tournament Directors of Mixed Tour 3 have opened entries.

More information, and a link to the entry form, is available on the event page.


Below is a message from the TDs:

UKU Regionals (EUCQ) 2015 - venues required

UKU Regionals in the Open division will take place on Saturday 25th July 2015.

(Note that we don't intend to allow tournaments on the Sunday this year; EUC begins on the Monday, so we expect many people to be travelling on Sunday 26th.)



Update 6/5/15

UOWON & Alumni Cup Update

Following the closing date for University Open and Women's Outdoor Nationals, we can now update you with news of teams entered.


University Nationals - Entries closing this week

Universitry Open and Women's Nationals and Alumni Cup

Entries close on Thursday 9th for the Open division (entry through BUCS) and on Friday 10th for the Women's and Alumni divisions (entry through UKU Event Entry Form). Lists of teams entered so far are below - if you're missing get on it ASAP!


UKU Mixed Tour 2 - Confirmed Entries

Following Friday's closing date, we can now announce that the 45 teams listed below have a guaranteed spot at Mixed Tour 2.

Three teams - Shakedown 2, Jesters, and All Day Son - have entered but not paid and thus have not yet secured a spot (if you think you have paid, do get in touch and we'll look to work out what has happened).

Mixed Tour 1 - Results and Spirit

Thanks to everyone for making the best of some very difficult weather down in Cardiff, and congratulations to Reading for their first Mixed Tour victory.


Full results can be seen on the schedule here (final placings on the 'Brackets' page):