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Nottingham Windfarm 2020 - Early Bird Deadline Tomorrow!


Just a reminder that the Early Bird Deadline for Nottingham Windfarm is tomorrow (Thursday 5th March)! Teams can enter using the UKU GoMembership website.

Club Mixed Indoor Nationals & Spiceball Cup 2020 - Schedule Update

Since the publication of the DRAFT schedules for CXIN and the Spiceball Cup, we have had to make a few changes due to a dropout and moving teams. This has meant that at BOTH events teams' seedings and start times have changed.


Please double check your event's schedule to ensure that you have the correct start time for your team (the schedule links can be found on the CXIN Event Website HERE and in the Spiceball Cup Info Pack HERE). However, with no indication that there will be any further issues, we are pleased to now CONFIRM the two schedules. 


Ahead of the weekend, please also make sure that all of your players have the correct level of membership for the event and are rostered to the team that you entered on GoMembership. 


If you have any other questions/queries, please email

UKU Junior Open Indoor Nationals 2019-20 - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Well done to everyone that took part in the Junior Open Indoor Nationals event at Aldersley over the weekend! It was a highly competitive weekend, with some great talent across the board. We hope that you all had a fantastic competition!


Huge congratulations to Flux 1 for taking home the Winners trophy, following a strong performance in the final against the Irish team Gonzaga. Also, well done to Airbadgers 4 for winning the plate after topping the 13-20 bracket. 


UKU Ranking Event "The Grey Towers of Durham 2019" - Early Bird Team List Confirmed & Final Entry Closing Date 26th March!

Thank you to all of the teams that entered into the Grey Towers of Durham Tier 1 event before the Early Bird Deadline! We are pleased to announce that all of the teams that entered into this event have been awarded a space. The full list of confirmed teams can be seen below.


The remaining entries for The Grey Towers of Durham are open NOW on the GoMembership website until the Closing Date on 26th March.


At this time, we DO NOT have a southern Tier 2 ranking event that will be taking place at the end of April alongside the Grey Towers. Unfortunately no bids have been received and no available venues have yet been found. We are continuing to look for a venue and welcome any bids/venue suggestions, but it seems highly unlikely at this point that we will be able to put anything on.  As such, we encourage all teams to consider entering into the Durham event if they wish to play. Should a Southern venue become available later on then we will offer up the opportunity for teams to move their entry to that event if they have already entered Durham. 


Y Ddraig Goch 2020 - Confirmed Team List

Thank you to everyone that entered into Y Ddraig Goch 2020 - it's great to see so many teams coming back again this year! 

We are pleased to confirm that everyone has been awarded a space at the event. The full confirmed team list for the competition can be seen below

Spiceball Cup 2020 - DRAFT Schedule

The DRAFT schedule for the Spiceball Cup 2020 event, taking place in Banbury on Sunday 8th March, is now available to view. The schedule link can be found in the information pack HERE.

Club Mixed Indoor Nationals & Spiceball Cup 2020 - DRAFT Schedules

The DRAFT schedules for Club Mixed Indoor Nationals 2020 and the Spiceball Cup 2020, taking place in Crawley and Banbury next weekend respectively, are now available to view. The schedule links can be found on the CXIN Event Website HERE and in the Spiceball Cup Info Pack HERE.


As ever, please DO NOT make any concrete travel plans/logistical arrangements until the schedules are confirmed. However, please double check them to ensure that there aren't any issues. If you have any questions/queries, please email


We hope to be able to confirm the two schedules over the next couple of days so please keep an eye out for further announcements. 

Fog Lane Cup 2020 - 1 Women's Space Available!

There is one space left for the first Womens UK Ranking event of 2020.


The Fog Lane Cup will be held on Saturday May 23rd & Sunday 24th May at Old Saltleians Rugby Football Club in Birmingham (Kendrick Ave, Birmingham B34 7SB).


There will be an 8 team Womens division. So far SYC, Spice, Reading, Red, GB u20’s, SMOG and Birmingham have signed up.


If you would like the final place please email Beavan: